Perpan Heat / Sound / Fire Insulation Systems

  As BDK Energy ; we offer the best technologies around the world to Turkey. But also we start to export Turkey’s values to the world, with a strategical partnership of our family company Ayyildiz Insulation.  BDK Energy has started to distribute the Perpan to USA, Louisiana. Continues to enlarge its service area.

What is Perpan ?

PERPAN, is Expanded Perlite Based Construction Panel. It gathers %85 Perlite and reinforced with %100 Natural Materials to provide, the best heat insulation, stoping and incarcreate the fire where its started, sound absorbtion and many more specs with only 1 board.

PERPAN is a construction panel made by strengthening the components of perlite, which is a natural material. It is a natural construction panel produced to increase the usage area per unit m2 in construction areas and to increase the construction speed, to make exterior and interior walls and curtain walls in structural and decorative sense, to provide heat, sound and fire insulation, to decrease the dead load due to its low weight and to lower the costs.


Perlite means “pearl rock”; it is a volcanic rock with silica which is formed naturally in different colors from tones of grey to black. In other words, perlite represents  a volcanic glass type that is formed when the lava generated in acid phase of the magma cools down and breaks in a structure which is visible with eye and microscope and water droplets are contained in this mass. Perlite in this state is called raw perlite. What makes perlite valuable is significantly its unique expansion capability.

Areas Of Use ;

PERPAN; expanded perlite based construction and insulation panels are produced for all insulation problems in buildings. The wall systems built with these panels possess many properties. PERPAN, which has a wide field of application, can be used at exterior facades, partition walls of inner spaces, steel an prefabricated structures, as sheathing or deck panel of roofs, in raised floors, in suspended ceilings and floors and walls of wet areas.

PERPAN panels are resistant to water, humidity, heat and fire, as a consequence of these properties, they can be used in every place requiring fire, heat and sound insulation in buildings.

Basic Principles Of Perpan Systems:

In the event of fire, many components come together to constitute danger, in architectural design it is required to install a system for fire safety that provides the total solution, instead of each of the components. The main purpose in designing the structures is to minimize the hazards caused by the high heat and smoke generated by the burning matters and to ensure safety of people and the materials.

In fire insulation, non-flammable materials (Class A1*) such as PERPAN are fixed to the walls , ceilings, floors and air ducts of the structure. Special mastics expanding with heat are used at places where  installations pierce the walls, floors and ceilings as a precaution to prevent the spreading of the flames and the smoke. Special door and glass gaskets are used at corridors that are used for fire escape purposes.


Prevention of heat losses will increase the interior medium comfort at the location and provide energy saving. In addition to the economical use of the energy used in winter to heat the interior location, it will enable the economical use  of the energy used in summer to cool down the interior location. Therefore, PERPAN, perlite based panel systems with high insulation values will ensure the comfort level of the living locations is high at the conditions of every season. Lightweight partition walls made with profiles suitable for the system ensures the application of heat insulation systems at the location.


Sound and noise concepts have gained significant importance in view of the technological and social developments in our age. The techniques and methods put to use with the shortage of housing after the second world war have brought into view the problem of sound and noise. As a consequence, the science branch related with sound and acoustic design is gaining more importance day by day and presents new requirements based on the functions.

Preventing the transmission of sound from one location to another by using PERPAN is achieved by the sound insulation as a system solution.

Particularly, in locations such as houses, hospitals and hotel projects where noise control is important, wall and ceiling solutions are of significant and critical importance from the sound insulation point of view. Detail solutions generated in the architectural design heightens the location perception and quality. PERPAN perlite based panel systems have a rich network of solutions for achieving sound insulation and acoustical comfort inside the location.

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